X-REL Semiconductor

X-REL is a division of EASii IC designing, manufacturing and commercializing integrated circuits (ICs) for harsh environments requiring High Reliability and sustaining High Temperatures (-60°C to +230°C) for more than 40000 hours (5 years)

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Setting up in

July 2011

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Grenoble, France

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28 products

family in 5 years

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More than 250

Commercial ref.

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Main actor

in High Temp ICs

To answer market demand, the electronic systems trend is going towards smaller, lighter and more energy efficiency systems.

The consequence is that the electronics will need to operate at higher temperature ranges than today, while maintaining similar or better life cycles.

X-REL is well-known in the oil&gas market and is getting strategically positioned in Industrial, Aeronautics, Space and Automotive markets, having respectively important volumes and lower costs.

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