Radiation Effects Testing

You are offering an electronic system or an ASIC among your products and you want to qualify its sensitivity toward natural and artificial radiations (atmospheric, thermal and monenergetic neutrons, heavy ions, protons, FlashX, TID …)

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What we are offering :

With the continuous downscaling of microelectronic devices, the sensitivity of integrated circuits to natural radiation coming from the space or present in the terrestrial environment has been seriously increased.

Nowadays, the radiation effect on electronic devices is the most sensitive effect on reliability degradation and higher than all failure mechanisms combined (hot carrier, oxide breakdown, NBTI ...)

In this context, EASii IC has developed the ASER activity (Accelerated Soft Error Rate Test). ASER develops and provides solutions for testing and characterization of electronics devices and complex microelectronic systems in order to evaluate the Soft error rate and the sensitivity of all effects induced by radiative particles.

The expertise of the ASER activity also includes the evaluation of electronics and complex devices sensitivity to Single Event Effects (SEE - Single Effect) and Total Ionizing Dose effects (TID) covering a large panel of applications (automotive, avionics, space, health, security, …)

Tests Types

  • Neutrons (atmospheric, thermal and monoenergetic)
  • Alpha particles (Effects of natural contaminants)
  • Heavy ions, Protons, FlashX
  • TID(Co60, Xray)
  • Synergy effect SEE/TID or TID/SEE


  • MIL-STD-883 Standard
  • JEDEC JESD89 standard (applicable for neutrons and alpha particles test)
  • ESA ESCC 22900 (Specification for radiations test and total dose)
  • AEC Q100 (Automotive Tests pour Soft Errors measurements)

Our Achievements

EASii IC has one of the first real-time test platform at European scale.

We define test strategy according to device type and radiation constraints. Our test bench is suitable to many both accelerators type and particle generators.

More than 30 references of device tested until today. (130, 90, 65, 45, 32 and 28nm)

Validation de prototypage avec des fondeurs et utilisateurs

  • MĂ©moires (RAM, ROM ...)
  • Processeurs (SPARC V8 LEON, ARM Cortex-M4 …)
  • Évaluation du FIT/Chip ou /Mbit pour des composants COTS et circuits dĂ©monstrateurs
  • Plateformes de tests en Temps RĂ©el (+256 composants testĂ©s en parallèle)

1ère Plateforme de Test en Temps Réel au niveau Européen

Expertise cartes

  • Analyse critique sur le choix des composants, technologies
  • Analyse des dĂ©faillances