Quality Certification and Policy

We are committed to provide our customers with unique, differentiating and innovative product and services

Control and improvement of processes, products and services and issues affecting satisfaction are resolved quickly and effectively,

Innovation, performance and specific skills & capabilities contribute to the presence and renown of the EASII-IC around the world.

Sustainable improvement of our services and products ensure customer satisfaction.

The measure of Quality is customer satisfaction

Constantly listening to our customers

To ensure the sustainable improvement of their satisfaction,

To honor our commitment,

To communicate proactively and transparently.

Our range of specialist skills and personalities are our main asset, making EASII-IC a center of excellence.

Commitment from all levels of management and employees.

Identified before they occur and solutions implemented to maintain continuous customer satisfaction.

Our core business is the development of products that are innovative in design, cost efficient and reliable,

Our products and components are designed for rugged environments, offering to our customer exceptional reliability, sustainability and impressive in their applications.

And sharing best practices and services, with recognition of exemplary actions.

Customer satisfaction is our real Quality Indicator

Yannick Thepaut,


Our Quality Management System has been certified according to :

ISO 9001:2015 by LCIE Bureau Veritas on 28th September 2016

Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

EN 9100:2018 by LCIE Bureau Veritas on 27th July 2020

Download EN 9100:2020 Certificate