Competitiveness pole

What is a competitiveness pole?

A competitiveness pole brings together in a given area, companies, research laboratories and training institutions to develop synergies and cooperation.

Other partners including governments, national and local, as well as services to members of the cluster are associated.

The challenge is to build on synergies ,collaborative and innovative projects to enable the companies involved to take a leading position in their fields in France and abroad.

What are the poles objectives ?

From a vision shared by the different actors, each pole develops its own five-year strategy which facilitate :

  • Increasing innovation
  • Consolidatiion of activities, mainly industrial with a high technology content or creation of territories
  • Improving the attractiveness of France, through enhanced international visibility

What is the strategy for the poles?

To act to boost the competitiveness of the French economy and develop jobs and growth in growth markets :

  • Realising partnerships between various actors with complementary skills which are complimentary and recognized
  • Build strategic collaborative R & D projects that can benefit from state aid, including the unique Interministerial Fund (FUI)
  • Promoting an environment favorable for innovation by conducting promotional events, pooling or support of pole members on topics such as training and human resources, industrial property, financing private, international development, etc.

What is EASii IC role ?

EASii IC wishes to share knowledge and participatie in innovative projects, that is why we are through Minalogic participating in several projects :

    Developing a programmable and reconfigurable hardware setup with a high security level (EAL4 / 5) for infrastructure platforms broadband network
  • HBS
    Developping the smallest self powered pacemaker
  • IO32
  • Developping integrated instrumentation within a microcontroler
  • Developping a Mems loudspeaker
  • DG²HT²
  • Developing high temperature (150dC) electronic modules (control and driver) dedicated for inverter, electricals car motor, Converter (300V-1200V)
  • Developing a haptic screen
  • Developing an Inertial Sensor ( GPS indoor)