The company was Founded in 1992. Due to the outsourcing of an IT Management activity , the company was growing and then stabilized around 5 person.

In October 2002,

Yannick THEPAUT creating an Electronic and Microelectronic activity, changes the direction of the company, so that it moves in 5 years (2002-08), from 5 to 100 people, knowing a significant growth turnover of +800%

September 2008,

  • EASii IC sells the IT Management activity (5 people representing 4% of sales)
  • Founding of the Holding AZic, making the leverage buy-out on EASii IC

Since late 2008,

EASii IC comprises only Electronics and Microelectronics activities, diversified as :

  • Radiation Tests,
  • Development of dedicated ASICs ...

Moreover, EASii IC launches products on ideas and incubate the start-ups.