EASii IC has developed and provided integrated circuits and IP to be included in your products.

The products belong to the power management area : AC LED Driver, Switch RF Mems drivers, Dedicated Mems Drivers (Loudspeaker,Lens..), and energy Harvesting

We have several IPs Converters (ADC / DAC) and IPs Digital (CxP, 2D Serial Link, ...)

We have invested 13 Million euros in R&D since 2009.

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Within the developement framework ,we have been financially helped by :

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Details of innovative circuits

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We have designed an integrated circuit driving an AC LED which allows us to remove the transformer in the lamp.

Some variants allow the supply an Rf circuit to permit communication with the lamp.

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Another circuit is ICI 3D, allows us to drive an AC LED 3D from a ALEDIA and to improve compactness and reduce area.

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Driver Switch RF MEMS (Mistral)

With the DELFMEMS partnership, we have developped a switch RF Mems driver circuit.

This device driver uses an array of 12 switch RF Mems from Delfmems.

The main applications cover advanced mobile phone such as 4G LTE Advanced and beyond with RF band larger than 4Ghz which is not possible with standard SOI device .

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Asic Converter AC/DC & DC/DC (Projet FUI : HBS)

With the SORIN parternship, the common goal was to design a circuit which converts the motion of vibration energy from a piezo to electrical energy to power a pacemaker. Here is the application :

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Nowadays our circuit is fitted with a Piezo or Mems actuator and depending on the desired power we can derive variants to answer to your need.

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Power management circuit haptic screen (Project FUI : Touch’IT)

As part of the project we developed a power managment circuit which drives a haptic screen formed with thin mems layers.

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The company Hap2U took over the project to industrialise the haptic screen project.

If you want a demonstration (Screen + Circuit), please contact us.

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IP 2D Serial Link (Project Nano2017-Things2Do)

The supercomputer market (HPC) need both high computing power and high processor density.

Our high speed serial link IP has been developed which aims to enable communication between high speed /high perfomances processors.

The main idea was to included an integrated device 'chiplet' composed of processors,memories,peripherals with our 2d Serial link IP.

According to the application and the power computation needed, a certain number of 'chiplets' (in our case 4) could be integrated int an interposer.

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Integrated IP project example :

Indeed, our IP allows high speed transfer of up to 15 GT between different 'chiplet' processors, rending the behavior of the full chip as a single processor.

Moreover, an FPGA IP version allows interfacing between 'Chiplets' with an FPGA permitting communication between different « chiplet » systems.

Our serial link 2D has been integrated in GAIA2 « Chiplets » using an ST 26nm FDSOI process.

If you have a developement and are interested in such devices ... …